My current trend in writing is to treat it like bits of code. Debugging as time goes on (fixing spelling/grammarish issues).

Most of these poems will rest the way they are written, but given time and interest many will see a patches or 2 before it is over.


lowest common denominator

if it can graze upon
the crust of the earth
or pull the plow
against the grain
all to till a meal
underneath traffic cones
then is it really
a beast

if it can gnash it bones
in the middle of the night
how you slice your pi
is no cause to celebrate
or maybe it's your own business
but can we all agree on the
primary colors of most
like politics, the weather
or do we
pick up sticks to early

if it can gaze upon
light beams refracting from
the factory floor
night after night
the energy is forced
through to
to the plants exterminates
and it rises again
when the rinse cycle comes
to town

if it can glaze upon
the sand beneath it's hoof
or spin around
or turn the newest leaf
and at the midnight moment
jump over the moon
to cascade like confette
eyes open
against the
like an apple with two pairs


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