My current trend in writing is to treat it like bits of code. Debugging as time goes on (fixing spelling/grammarish issues).

Most of these poems will rest the way they are written, but given time and interest many will see a patches or 2 before it is over.



When something is finally done
Then it is over
What comes next
  Is from under the washing machine
  Is a last minute decision to give in
  Is hairs in the sink after shaving
  Is nothing but bargin basement shopping

When someone is done
They have become it.
To be honored by
Leaving strengthened body out to sea
Burning down the human suitcase
Or to simply rage beneath the earth
In hollow stretched fetus pose
What is left behind is
  A meal
  A album
  A painting
  A coded letter
  A dream

All of this can get done
Without ever getting the
Fifteen seconds
Needed to crest just above
The seething layer of humanity
Call it what you will
Any one would kill for just one more
  Go around
  Quarter for the machine
  Lifetime in this skin


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