My current trend in writing is to treat it like bits of code. Debugging as time goes on (fixing spelling/grammarish issues).

Most of these poems will rest the way they are written, but given time and interest many will see a patches or 2 before it is over.


thumbing around
2 of 3

second attempt to catch
a ride
under the magnifying glass
in the sand box
of a mexican 4 lane highway
we both stood far away
  from the beach resorts
  maid tucked beds
  fuzzy champaign ledges
this is where the truckers
  run on rubber
  stop for signs
  start into night visions
  little metal sheet shacks
  stacked coffins
  roll out into oblivion
past the hand bags
into the scrub brush and tumble weed

she and i switched off
baiting the hook
casting into the dark brine
of late summer
are why the fish wait for
  the feeling of flying
and then all at once
it happened
bait taken
our world became a
  thrashing place
dust clouds in the brakes wake

we got caught
  finally a free ride
climbed each of us
up the step's ladder
into the cab
her arm brushed an
exhausting pipe
  flashed flesh
  swelled skin
a little bread loaf
risen and tender

we drank the drivers
beer cheap
from his
  best friend
she held her's against
the swelling
rolling across the horizon line
rippled the vista
felt a drip right down my spine
as I drank my beer in silence
on our way south
a tongue apart from the driver


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