My current trend in writing is to treat it like bits of code. Debugging as time goes on (fixing spelling/grammarish issues).

Most of these poems will rest the way they are written, but given time and interest many will see a patches or 2 before it is over.


ala gauche

sometimes i feel like
doing nothing right
no matter how the cards get over turned
comes up low, too low to be any good
while your coming down from high
all night these people fall asleep
to the lone drummer and his beat
everyone everywhere trying to do the right
but it keeps coming up blank faces
staring out the window into outer space
looking off to some silly other place
what fits in between the commercials
what fits in between the gaps in teeth
the crumbs on the floor
again i feel like
doing nothing right
the more you sing the more you soar
a sour set of notes written out in ink
so you can't wash off the stain
can't trace it back to any center
to the source or the common cause
there are things shadows can reveal
in the midst of the best book
it turns to flames with no desire
like the heater drinking drafts all night
what is this place we're all coming to
a distant call a phone on any hip
we pay the price too many times
multiply the meaning and look right inside
cause i feel like
doing noting right
explore the edges of the map
like it was going out of style
there are things we like that we'll never know
until the stumble that break the glass
opens up the wounds like a bloom
a fire cracking in the sky
on a night 4 days too late again
when our father father fought for something
but we can't see from this location
partially obscured by today events
by the clouds of life the worms we are
messing things up again
sometimes i fell like
doing nothing right
doing nothing at all
might just cause a bit more grief
than doing anything at all
what is a perfect knife
splits the sides of this life
dripping down my head awash
in the shower stall hearing echoes
from behind the drywall inside the duct work
outside the trees keep grabbing soil and air
soaking up the earth the sun the moon
till only one drop is left
till only one person cares
tonight i fell like
doing nothing right


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